You have found a vehicle in the United States or Canada, and you are thinking about buying it. But then what do you do?
Have On American Road handle the importation of the vehicle for you.

From picking up the car from the seller, to shipping it to the most advantageous port if necessary, ocean or air freight, to receiving it in France and handling the inherent customs and tax formalities, we will take care of the whole process.

Your involvement? Coming to take possession of your much-desired American vehicle at our premises.


Any vehicle not falling under a manufacturer importation policy must be imported “on an isolated basis” and thus must receive approval – proper “Frenchification.”

The process is often long and complex, and On American Road will handle and guarantee this administrative and technical process for you, regardless of the country of origin of your American vehicle.

That way, we will take care of all of the administrative process with the supervisory bodies, make all of the necessary technical modifications to your vehicle, so that it will pass the highway tests required to obtain the golden ticket: your French registration?

The full timetable for Frenchification is given to you when it is received and is the subject of tracking and close information, step by step, provided to you.