With 20 years’ technical experience specifically in American vehicles, whether it be a muscle car, pick-up, or SUV, late-model or classic, On American Road is a partner at your side in all of the key steps in the life of your vehicle.

At On American Road, we are American mechanical technicians above all else, and have a team of 5 full time mechanics working in a 500m2 shop, with two lifts and a wide range of tools dedicated exclusively to American vehicles.

When it’s time for everyday maintenance or repairs, the On American Road acts as your adviser and partner, ensuring you have support adapted to your situation and your goals (making the vehicle more reliable vs. optimization vs. upgrade).

Thanks to a large inventory of new replacement parts available for you immediately:
- Everyday maintenance: filters, brake parts, ignition parts, carburetor parts, fluids (…)
- Performance: intake, exhaust, carburetor, suspension – shock kits (…);
On American Road handles maintenance for your vehicle under the best technical, pricing, and turnaround conditions on the market.

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