Our dear American vehicles are mechanically robust, and are renowned to be. We also love them for that. Unfortunately, that reputation often paid a heavy price during the “disenchantment” years (80s & 90s), a time in which this robustness justified all neglect and missed oil changes.

The results, 50 years later: vehicles in distress in terms of the main safety equipment (chassis, brakes, suspension, steering), engine and transmission (seals, condition of moving parts), and obviously in cosmetic terms (concealment and fraud with regard to the body, carpets, and seats).

Aware of the effort and the stakes involved in the necessary work, On American Road positions itself as your adviser and partner, offering you support that is tailored to your situation and your goals: prioritizing jobs, from making the vehicle more reliable up to “like new” upgrades.

Specifically regarding full restorations, On American Road positions itself as a mechanical expert and general contractor for the job, ensuring coordination and follow-up on the schedule between a handful of high end partners who have been put to the test and selected through years of collaboration.